Concrete Floor Renovation with RETRO SHIELD

Project: Solar Panel Factory

Investor: US based company

Consultant: Exyte

Contractor: KCP Projects

Size: 70.000 m2

Location: Kulim, Malaysia

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The Problems

In the past, this factory’s floor was treated with an epoxy system, which has resulted in major problems over time due to peeling off and blistering of the epoxy layer.

Therefore, the factory owner looked for a more durable solution. After a thorough search, Deco Crete’s RETRO SHIELD was selected for a trial application.

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Deco Crete’s Solution

RETRO SHIELD is a polished concrete solution – one of Deco Crete’s Permanent Flooring Solutions. RETRO SHIELD offers a perfect solution which addresses all common flooring issues, like durability, breathability, maintenance etc. RETRO SHIELD is a combination of concrete floor repair followed by overall polishing and sealing. Deco Crete has a unique line of concrete repair and polishing products, all containing colloidal silica, which fortifies concrete, making the surface denser, wear-resistant and easier to clean and to maintain.

Moreover, RETRO SHIELD makes the renovation faster and more economic. The highly efficient scratch remover decoQUICKCUT eliminates 4 polishing steps, making the renovation about 40 % faster than the typical aggregate polishing process. Another unique product of Deco Crete is decoPINFIX, a hybrid polymer-silica-based repair agent for pinholes.

Going forward, a polished concrete floor treated with RETRO SHIELD will easily retain its original quality. In future renovations, workers only need to reapply the products on the worn-out section of the floor. The appearance of the renovated area will match the existing floor, maintaining its attractiveness.

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The Trial

After the German-based consultant Exyte, contacted us, we visited the factory, examined the floor and gave a customized solution. It was the factory owners wish to do a long-lasting trial on the actual floor. We found a specialized flooring contractor, KCP projects to partner up with and made together with them a 15 m2 sample in the middle of the factory.

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After 12 months the sample was tested by the client and Exyte for various key characteristics:
Hardness (according to Mohs Scale of Hardness)
Wear Resistance
Stain Resistance and Cleanability
Skid Resistance (according to various standards)
After a 1-year trial, the client was convinced of RETRO SHIELD’s performance and chose this product for their entire factory floor.

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Application and Result

The next challenge was to renovate the 70.000 m2 factory floor within 10 weeks – a remarkably short time for such a huge project. The contractor invested in shot blasters, 30 grinders, vacuum cleaners, epoxy strippers and more.

The demanding goal was achieved, thanks to the efforts of an experienced and specialized contractor, excellent onsite management, and Deco Crete’s top-of-the-line materials.

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